As much as we would love to give your allover dark locks a "Guy Tang" makeover during your 2 hour cut and color appointment, the truth is this; color transformation requires many hours of work - not to mention - scientifically restructuring the chemical makeup of your current color. With that said, "Yes" we would love to give you an entirely new look, however, we have some guidelines for you...

Picture: The trendster Guy Tang with his Balayage client

Picture: The trendster Guy Tang with his Balayage client

  • Let your stylist know well in advance the plan you have for your new locks. Chances are, it will be a few days/weeks before we can accommodate the amount of time your appointment will take, so please be patient.
  • You will need to discuss your overall hair goal with your hair guru - this is best done during a face to  face consultation.
  • If you show up for your appointment with the intention of a whole new 'do without prior discussion, you typically will hear an enthusiastic "Well, we wont be able to achieve that look today, but we can certainly start working towards it!" So what this means for you: If you are wanting to leave the salon completely satisfied, that may not happen for 3 to 6 visits.
  • Gradually transforming hair is a delicate dance and it must be understood that in order to maintain the integrity of your locks much thought and care will have to be put into them by both you and your stylist.
  • IF, you want to achieve your desired look in a shorter period of time it is very possible with proper planning.
  • This will not be a typical visit and it will not be your average price.
  • Depending on the level of desired lift - multiple color applications will most likely take place. You should expect to be at your appointment anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Yes, 3 to 6 hours! 
  • An at home hair care routine will be recommended to achieve optimal, lasting results.
  • Our goal is to give you the BEST results with the LEAST amount of damage to your hair.

We actually REALLY enjoy this type of service! We just really appreciate having the proper amount of time to create beautiful, enviable strands of hair! So a clear vision and understanding is a MUST for both you and your stylist. 

*There are always the exceptions. Some clients are perfect candidates for Balayage and the process goes quite quickly, smoothly, and not as costly... BUT just to be on the "safe side" we thought we'd warn you!